Don Keith Home Page--N4KC's home page, info about books he has written, appearances and more

American Radio Relay League--the national organization for amateur radio operators, info on becoming a ham

Birmingham Amateur Radio Club--local club in Birmingham, Alabama

CQ Magazine--montly magazine devoted to amateur radio

DX Notebook--site of interest to hams who chase "DX," distant amateur stations interest site with many articles, forums, and equipment reviews

K0BG's Mobile site--information for safely and effectively installing and using ham radio in automobiles interest site with articles, news, forums and more

RigPix site--pictures of various amateur radio gear, including vintage equipment (like N4KC used as a young ham!)

Salt Lake City "S-meter" site--listen live to various ham radio frequencies

VOACap software/G4ILO--amateur radio propagation software--shareware site

W2DU/Walter Maxwell's REFLECTIONS site--information on antennas and feedlines from one of the experts

W4RNL/L. E. Cebik's antenna site--information on all types of antennas and antenna theory

KA1FSB's loop antenna page--includes a handy calculator to figure dimensions for loops for any frequency and configuration

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Here is a list of other Internet sites that may be of interest to ham radio operators or those who might be developing an interest in the hobby. Enjoy!
This guys antennas are unbelievable.